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Valley Center Fence Co. 2008

Fences For Beauty

Ornamental Steel

          Ornamental wrought iron fencing is one of the most time-honored and stately fences available.  The problem with wrought iron has always been its high cost, and its constant need for painting to avoid rust.  The solutions to these problems are ornamental steel.  The beauty, strength, durability and increased property value of this fences is second to none. 

          Steel ornamental fence is available from Valley Center Fence in a myriad of styles and configurations to suit any taste.  We install products and styles that are available in many heights from 3’ to 8’ high and range from simple picket panels, to smooth-top pools panels, to ornate 4-rail designs with rings and picket finials.  These products are galvanized prior to being powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance.

•Stately beauty that lasts.

•The timeless look of wrought-iron with a more economical installation.

•Strong, durable steel construction.

•Made from Galvanized steel, then powder coated for a flawless, durable finish.

•Several product lines to choose from

Wood Fence

          A traditional wood fence combines the warmth and natural beauty of cedar with the added property value and privacy typically associated with PVC fencing, while typically being more economical.  Many people prefer wood fence because of its bright, warm, natural colors which seamlessly blend into any landscape. 

          Valley Center Fence uses only high quality cedar fence sections made with cedar backing rails and treated nails to prevent corrosion.  Why cedar? Cedar has a lot of advantages here in our climate:

•Resists termites, and other boring insects

•Is not prone to rotting like pine or spruce

•Weathers over time to a natural silver/grey

•Does not require staining to last for years and years


There are many styles of wood fence available, ranging from picket styles to full 6’ privacy fences with lattice top accents.

Residential Color Chain Link

Color chain link fence provides all the benefits of regular galvanized chain link fence with the added beauty of several color options.  Typical in-stock colors are Black (most popular) Green, and Brown.  Other colors are available by special order.

          Color chain link is used very often in conjunction with wood fence and PVC fence as a more cost-effective solution around the sides and back of a property where the fence is less visible. 

          The coating on our residential color chain link fence is poly-vinyl coating that is thermally bonded at 450deg. F.  This process is performed after the materials are galvanized making color chain link fence even more resistant to the elements than traditional galvanized chain link.

          Valley Center Fence installs our color chain link systems in the same manner as our traditional galvanized chain link.

Residential Chain Link

          Residential chain link fence is an excellent choice for keeping pets, children, and pools safe.  Chain link fence is known for its durability even in harsh conditions as well as being an excellent value.  All the chain link fence Valley Center Fence installs is galvanized to prevent corrosion, and set in concrete for longevity.  Sturdy Steel construction will give your fence decades of use, and increase the value of your property as well.  We can install any height and/or style of chain link fence you need.

          Choose Valley Center Fence for your Chain link project, we have over 20 years of experience in the business AND:

•Valley Center Fence uses only top quality tubing for our chain link fence framework.  (ss 15, ss 20 and ss 40)

•All residential chain link fence posts are set in concrete aggregate.

•Chain link fabric, fittings, posts, and rail are all galvanized to provide ultimate resistance to corrosion.


          PVC Fencing combines the classic elegant styles of wood fence, with a more contemporary finish and unequaled durability.  Our ultra high quality vinyl fencing does not rot, corrode, rust, peel, fade, crack or otherwise deteriorate.  It’s so durable, that it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

          They won’t oxidize (They won’t build that chalky residue often found on vinyl siding), and they’ll retain their brilliant white finish and lustrous sheen for decades.  PVC is the best choice when beauty and added property value for the future is desired.  And being almost entirely maintenance free and resistant to almost all stains (Including paint, marker, crayon etc) puts the icing on the cake.

          This beautiful fencing material is available in a myriad of styles from 3’ high picket styles to 6’ high plus privacy styles with decorative accents such as lattice and balusters.  All Gates match the fence style selected and include premium hinges and latches, powder coated black.  Heavy duty gate posts are used on ALL gates.  All PVC fences installed by Valley Center Fence are set in concrete for longevity.

The highlights of a PVC Fencing system are:

•High added value to your property.

•Bright, elegant good looks.

•No maintenance (spray it off with a hose if it gets dirty!)

•No rotting, cracking, peeling, fading, etc.

•It will look just as good 20 years from now as it does today.

•Strong post profiles set in concrete

•Non-rusting stainless steel gate hardware and fasteners

•Many, many styles to choose from.

•Perfect for any home.

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