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Fences For Safety

The Need for Swimming Pool Fencing

According to Government statistics, accidental drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5 in California, Arizona and Florida. Pool Fencing is the safest choice to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Pool fences, commonly known as a pool safety fencing or swimming pool fences, are the best form of a 'passive protection babysitter' any home can have. Installing removable mesh fencing can be a child lifesaver by protecting against accidental drowning of children, toddlers, baby and even pets.

Pool safety fences are also known as a 'baby gates' or 'pool barriers' for swimming pools. The relevance is obvious; a baby or toddler is most susceptible to drowning if no safety pool barrier is there to prevent them from falling in. Swimming-pool baby gates should have a gate latch (gate lock), preferably a self locking gate lock mechanism and be up to your local building code. Removable mesh fencing can be temporary, is nearly transparent, protects your swimming pool better than an electronic alarm, and with aluminum construction, will be maintenance free for years.

Swimming Pool Barrier Fencing helps prevent accidental drowning as a virtual babysitter for baby and toddlers by completely isolating them from the water with a physical barrier rather than other solutions like electronic alarms or sensors. Having a swimming pool safety fence as a kiddie barrier should be an absolute necessity to preventing the accidental drowning of baby, children and pets too!

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